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2020 Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival

Be the travel trailblazer you’ve always aspired to become with a trip to the 2020 Flinders Island Food & Crayfish Festival.
The island is a hidden gem floating off the north-eastern tip of Tasmania that offers the perfect mix of food, adventure, relaxation and people.
This year’s festival is about Local food, local people … great stories and will be packed with culinary adventures to suit all tastes and ages over five glorious days.
Hitch a chopper ride to a nearby Vansittart, a deserted island for a gourmet lunch.
Jump on a mountain bike and ride the turquoise trail of insta-worthy beaches with a tasty picnic lunch in a secluded location.
Those seeking something a little stronger can tour the wineries and distilleries and chat to the makers producing wine, gin, vodka and whisky.
The festival has everyone's bliss covered.
The Friday Food Feast will bring everyone together with music, entertainment and the opportunity to sample the island's many specialities.
For the first time, high profile chefs, authors and TV presenters Karen Martini and Tobie Puttock will be immersing themselves in the festival experience drawing inspiration from the island's thriving food culture.
Don't miss out.
Full program available in February.

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