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Vintage Tamar 2021

Vintage: Tamar is a festival launched by Tamar Valley Wine, a celebration of vintage which showcases the vineyards, cellar doors, wineries and landscapes of the iconic cool climate Tamar wine producing region.
The inaugural festival, Vintage: Tamar 2021 will take place on the last weekend of May annually .
It celebrates the most exciting point of the winemaker's year, when grapes are harvested and pressed and potentially great new wines are created.
The festival gets off to a convivial start on Friday evening with A Night At the Museum, a quiz hosted by a high profile wine commentator, with tastings and sales of museum wines from the Tamar.
On Saturday evening guests choose from three exclusive, ticketed dinners, themed Glittering, Dark and Broody, and Elegant and Charming, featuring sparkling wines, pinot noir and aromatic whites. Each dinner features a guest speaker.
Daytime tours showcase the region, visitors travelling with boutique tour companies, coaches and classic car clubs.
Cellar doors will offer immersive experiences such as guided winery tours, vineyard pruning lessons, vintage flight tastings, master classes and food options, combining to create memories, inspiration and delight for the visitor.

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